VIDEO: Cat Attacks Mayor Viciously; Mayor Required 100 Stitches Afterwards

What the hell got into this cat?! According to the original post:

So far it is unknown what motivated the feline to carry out the attack Culiacán, Sin.- Jesús Estrada Ferreiro, Mayor of Culiacán, allegedly suffered an attack by a cat tomorrow today in one of the corridors of the municipal palace, according to a video released today on social networks.
The mayor was rushed to a private hospital, where it was determined that he had suffered bites between one and two centimeters deep in the legs and arms, as well as several scratches and forceful blows caused by a chair, according to the press.
The communication area of ​​the H. Ayuntamiento de Culiacán has declined to grant any interview to the press and they have limited themselves to mentioning that an official part will be given in the next hours. According to hospital sources, Estrada Ferreiro has received almost 100 sutures, which do not put his life at risk.