VIDEO: Getaway Driver Books It, Leaves Partners In Crime Behind

Getaway driver gets away without his partners... According to the original post:

On Sunday, February 17, at approximately 4:06 a.m., 3rd District officers responded to the 7-Eleven located at 10203 New Hampshire Avenue for the report of the attempted theft of an ATM located inside the 7-Eleven after a pick-up truck had driven through a front window near the store’s entrance. The investigation by detectives determined that three suspects, with their faces concealed, entered the 7-Eleven when the fourth suspect drove the pick-up truck through the store’s front window. The suspects moved the store’s ATM to the parking lot but fled and left his accomplices and the ATM in the parking lot. Later that morning, detectives located the pick-up truck unoccupied in Hyattsville. Investigators further determined that the pick-up had been stolen.