VIDEO: Woman Steals Wallet From Shopping Cart At Grocery Store

It only takes a second... According to the original post:

Cypress, TX - Police are asking for the public’s help identifying a woman caught on surveillance video stealing a designer pocketbook from a grocery shopper’s basket, right in front of the victim’s toddler. The theft occurred on Friday, January 18, at a grocery store in the 9700 block of Fry Road. As the victim turns her back to her daughter sitting in the shopping cart, the thief, who has been following the victim, makes her move. She casually walks between the victim and her basket, reaches around the toddler, steals the victim’s pocketbook and walks directly out of the store. The victim, a Cypress resident, notices shortly afterwards that her wallet is missing and reports it to customer service. Security video captured the theft as well as images of the suspect waiting in line at the manager’s desk before she began following her victim.