Gamer Dumps "World's Sexiest Weather Girl" To Play Call Of Duty

The pro-gaming world is heartbroken after the one dude in their clique that had a serious long-term girlfriend that is both hot and employed broke up with her so he could focus on Call of Duty. Douglas “FaZe Censor” Martin shamed the entire gaming community by dumping "World's Sexiest Weather Girl" Yanet Garcia this week... He announced the split via YouTube in a video he posted for his  2.5 million subscribers. The break up video alone has nearly 1.7 million views already and has only been online four days. Garcia, 26, and Martin, 23, lived together and had dated for three years when Martin decided he needed to dedicate more time to his career rather than his girlfriend. Garcia is obviously devastated by the very public nature of all of this - but we have a feeling she'll be okay. After all she is the "World's Sexiest Weather Girl".