You Can Now Buy Your Own "Iron Man" Jet Suit

Selfridges Department Store in London really does have everything... Including a jet suit that will allow you to fly like Iron Man. There's one catch - you'll need Tony Stark bank to afford the suit's $443,000 price tag. The suit isn't supersonic, it tops out at 32mph, but it's still pretty cool. Included in the exorbitant cost are flight lessons.  The suit itself runs on jet fuel or diesel, inventor Richard Browning explains: 

"So essentially it's made up of five micro-jet engines, gas turbines. There's two on each arm and one around the back. They run on jet fuel but you can also run them on diesel - you create a bit of blue smoke when you shut them down but they run perfectly well on diesel."

In the future Browning and his team are planning to make future suits more fuel efficient: 

"The price you pay if you like for this kind of flight is it is very energy intensive. When a Harrier (Jump Jet) used to hover or a helicopter hovers it uses up a lot of fuel. So this consumes about four litters a minute in the hover (position).."

Browning also believes in the safety of suit:

"I would sort of demystify this in the sense of a bit like buying a very high-end super car or maybe a sports motorbike - a sports motorbike, if you abuse, it can cause you a problem very quickly. The same with this; if you're sensible with it, it doesn't have to be very dangerous at all."