WATCH: Flying cars before driverless cars??

Check out this video of the new Kitty Hawk Flyer...the concept is backed by Google co-founder Larry Page who promises users can learn to fly it in under an hour.  As of now it doesn'y require aircraft registration or pilot certification. Said chief executive Sebastian Thrun "it's as easy as playing the video game Minecraft" as it operates on a simple joystick.

Could this be the real transporation of the future?

Could this leap-from the impending driverless car phenomenon?  Could see it operating in same way as driverless cars with each vehicle communication with other surrounding vehicles making thousands of calculations every second.  Think of the amount of real estate that could be saved as used for housing or buildings if valuable space was no longer necessary for highways and streets.  Certainly a looong ways down the line but the possibilities are intriguing, even if they are just used for fun in the immediate future.