My pics (and review) of Anthrax/Slayer show

Had a great time at Riverbend last to see some great bands...Anthrax, Lamb of God, and Slayer.  Anthrax put on an amazing show...high energy, lots of moving around stage, esp for guys in their mid-fifties.  Lamb of God was truthfully a band I knew very little about but appreciated their show...amazingly talented musicians...singer was a little "yell-y" for me but he had awesome stage presence.  

As for Slayer...what can I say, AMAZING show.  I'm not some hard core Slayer fan and I'm prob not gonna throw their CD on in the car (def good lifting music though!)  However their show is an EXPERIENCE: lots of pyrotechnics, very complex arrangements, very passionate performers, and LOUD!  Everybody thinks Slayer is some devil-worshiping band but that is false.  The lead singer, Tom Araya, is a lifelong Catholic and a very peaceful, good natured guy.  The skulls and the religious references are mostly an act.  Its all in good fun.  I swear, no animals were sacrificed on least non that I saw LOL!  It's like Halloween, nothing to be taken ultra-seriously. 

But if you get a chance to see them, DO wont be disappointed!