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How To Not Be One Of "Those Dads"

It's a question many dads...including yours truly...will grapple with:  what is the balance in pushing your kid in sports but not going overboard?  What if your kid denies a sport you have vast experience in?  What if your kid chooses a sport you as a father have clue or even interest in?  Read Nick Corey's post below, very well written

We will have Nick on later today and will discuss...

It was 10 years ago and I was a wrestling coach and a dad. Yes, sadly, it was in that order.

It took a teary-eyed 6-year-old to teach my 36-year-old, nearsighted and self-centered self a little perspective.

I had plans when Aidan Patrick Corey arrived. He was going to be a wrestler and he was going to be a good one. I wrestled. I coached wrestling, and he’d have all the advantages of growing up as a coach’s son.

We’d turn the living room carpet into a makeshift arena. We’d have one-on-one sessions inside wrestling rooms. I envisioned Aidan and me working and drilling every night, toiling towards his eventual beast status. He’d have an edge because I was his dad.

Not that I’m one of Those Dads.

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