11-Year-Old Girl Jumps From Car To Escape Carjacking

This Chicago girl is safe after some quick thinking and a leap of faith got her out of a dangerous situation... the 11-year-old was forced to jump from her father's Jeep Cherokee after a carjacker stole it from a BP gas station in Aurora, Illinois. The dramatic scene was captured on surveillance video and posted to Facebook by the Aurora Police Department. 

A blue Dodge Charger pulled up next to the Jeep while it was at the gas pump. The carjacker hopped out of the passenger side door of the Charger and jumped behind the wheel of the Jeep. 

The surveillance video shows the silver Jeep quickly pull away from the pump, while the Charger follows. The passenger side door of the Jeep opens and the young girl jumps from the quickly accelerating vehicle. Her father can be seen jumping on the hood of the Charger as it speeds away before rushing to comfort his daughter. 

The Illinois State Police tracked down the stolen Jeep about an hour later. They pursued the vehicle and arrested the driver, 20-year-old Tyrelle Pulley after he crashed the Jeep. He has been charged with aggravated vehicle hijacking, aggravated unlawful possession of a stolen motor vehicle and fleeing and eluding police. Authorities are still searching for his accomplice, who they say was driving the Charger, and asked the public for help tracking him down.