31 Acronyms Parents Should Know

Cell phones keep kids in constant contact with each other these days, but do you know what they're talking about? Here are some acronyms teens are using to KPC...

1. 9 or CD9: Parents are nearby

2. 99: Parents are gone

3. 143: I love you

4. 182: I hate you

5. 1174: Party meeting place

6. 53X: Sex

7. ADR: What’s your address

8. AFAIK: As far as I know

9. AFK: Away from keyboard

10. ASL: Age/sex/location

11. ATM: At the moment

12. CU46: See you for sex

13. DOC: Drug of choice

14. F2F or FTF: Face to face

15. FWB: Friends with benefits

16. GNOC: Get naked on camera

17. GYPO: Get your pants off

18. HMU: Hit me up

19. IWSN: I want sex now

20. LH6: Let’s have sex

21. KMS/KYS: Kill myself, kill yourself

22. KPC: Keeping parents clueless

23. LMIRL: Let’s meet in real life

24. LMK: Let me know

25. MOS/POS: Mom over shoulder, parent over shoulder

26. NMU: Not much, you?

27. PIR: Parent in room

28. QQ: Crying

29. TBH: To be honest

30. WTTP: Want to trade pictures?

31. WYRN: What’s your real name?