Sex Doll Brothel Opens In Germany

There's something for everybody in Germany... Including a brothel of sex dolls. Bordoll in Dortmund is the first ever all sex doll brothel in Germany.  Owner Evelyn Schwarz, 29, opened the business after similar establishments popped up in several countries throughout Europe, which is experiencing a sex doll craze at the moment. 

Bordoll features 11 dolls in total; all different shapes, hair/eye colors, and cup sizes to cater to the unique tastes of the brothel's clients.  Each the doll is shipped from Asia for a pretty penny - roughly $2550 a piece. But one doll session costs about $100 and according to Schwarz each doll is booked 12 times a day, making her investment extremely profitable.  

Bordoll isn't a one-and-done thing for clients either, roughly 70% of men are repeat customers. Some even leave their very understanding wives and girlfriends in the car while they run into the brothel for a quickie with a doll.