Weird Drinks: The Sourtoe Cocktail


Here's one of the strangest cocktails ever dreamed up, of course, it comes to us from modern day wild west that is the Yukon Territory in Canada. Basically it's whiskey with a dash of human toe. Before you get too freaked out, all the toes were willingly donated by crazy Yukonians who've suffered frostbite. The latest donation comes from a British man that lost three toes during the Yukon Arctic ultramarathon. Yes, that is a thing and it's 300 miles long. Even though there are a few generous/misfortunate souls out there, human toes are still hard to come by, at least legally. So when a toe goes missing, like it did last summer, it's a pretty big deal. The Mounties were literally called in to assist in the recovery efforts of the Sourtoe. Oh, Canada...   



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