My Bar is Complete!

FINALLY done...I did all the framing with treated 2x4s and the lower top of the bar is paneling. My dad dad the rock work for me.  I then came back and did all the trim and top. For the wood bar top I took ten 2x4s and ripped them down to 2.5 inches with a table saw.  I then planed them to make sure they were even.  Then glued all 10 together butcher block style and clamped them for approx 5 hours. Then the real fun began: sanding. And more sanding. And more sanding...until it got smooth as silk.  From there it was a couple coats of Minwax American Chestnut stain then a couple coats of polyurethane.  It turned out amazing and I bet I have $60 bucks total and a lot of time/handwork in it.  Now it's beer time.