Cheating Man Gets Caught On Camera With Side Chick At Basketball Game

When people go to sporting events, there's always a chance that they might get caught on camera and appear on the giant screen in the venue, or even make it on TV. Some sports fans dream of that happening to them but that definitely wasn't the case for one guy at Saturday's game between the Washington Wizards and the Denver Nuggets.

The NBA game, which took place at D.C.'s Capital One Arena, had a lot of excitement, especially since the Wizards won. At one point, the camera showed a kid proudly showing off his Wizards shirt. Next to him, a gorgeous woman smiles and beside her, a guy acts really suspiciously. He is clearly wary of the camera on him and not-so-subtly tries to hide his face from it. It's evident he is in a place where he shouldn't be or, more likely, with someone he's not supposed to be with. Eventually, the guy pulls his hood over his face and turns away from the camera.

While there is no word on if he was seen by whomever it was he was trying to avoid, but had he just acted chill, it's unlikely anyone ever would have spotted him. However, he attracted so much attention to himself that he's bound to get caught now.

Photo: WorldStarHipHop

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