SWAT Team In Superhero Costumes Rappel Into Hospital To Surprise Children

The children at ProMedica Toledo Children's Hospital had some "super" visitors at their annual Halloween parade. This year, the SWAT team from the Toledo Police Department crashed the parade dressed as superheroes. They made a grand entrance, rappelling down the side of the hospital as the kids rushed to the window to see their favorite heroes in action.

"It's just great to see the joy on their face. It brings us joy too, but it's nice to just see them have a day where they can just be themselves and be kids again, and not have to worry about being in the hospital," one member of the SWAT team, who was dressed as Wolverine, told WTOL.

After the heroes made their way to the ground floor of the hospital, they went inside to hang out with the costumed kids.

The day meant even more for Orion Poverost, who was celebrating his last chemotherapy treatment after battling leukemia for the last three-and-a-half years. He got to lead the parade through the hospital and got to ring the bell signifying he was cancer-free.

"Today is my last day ... of cancer!" Orion triumphantly yelled as he rang the bell while his new superhero friends cheered for him.

"These kids are really amazing, and they're really resilient, and they're so upbeat and so happy that they make everything worth it," said Orion's mother, Keylie Siler.