Ghost Of Girl Filmed At Pub 'Stalking' Waitress

Do ghosts know that it's almost Halloween? One haunting a pub in England seems to because it made itself known this week. The paranormal figure was caught on a security camera at the Lamb and Lion in York. It looks like a girl in a dress, and she is following a waitress who is clearing tables. Assistant Manager Lee Smith first noticed the ghostly image as he checked the surveillance video. He explained:

"The camera is close to the bar area and I was around there setting up after breakfast. I was checking the CCTV to see where my colleague, Molly was as we were cleaning and preparing for the day ahead. I saw the outline of what appeared to be a ghost which caused me to jump back shocked, thinking, 'What on earth is that?' Molly walked past none the wiser, so I called her and she came and looked at the footage. She was as startled as I was."

It shouldn't come as too much for a shock though - Molly confessed to feeling "someone behind her" and customers have even reported strange things at the pub before, like hearing a child crying in the empty rooms upstairs.

Commenters aren't convinced and claim that it is just a spiderweb in front of the camera that makes it look like a ghost, but Lee, who himself doesn't believe in ghosts, says that's not the case. He stated, "A lot of people are saying it's the light glaring through the window and someone said it could be cobwebs but there aren't any. It looks like a small girl in a dress. It was very strange."

One person even commented that they worked as a night porter at the bar and doors would shut on their own, one by one.

The bar dates back to 1782 when it was a house, so there is a lot of history there and a lot of potential for ghosts.

Photo: YouTube