Police Searching For Stolen Roller Coaster


Authorities in Ohio are trying to locate a roller coaster that was stolen from the Union County Fairgrounds. The coaster was reported stolen on August 28 and officials have not had any luck tracking it down.

The only lead investigators currently have is video footage of a white truck towing the coasters' purple and green trailer away from the fairgrounds.

The roller coaster features train cars designed to look like alligators and is about 20 feet long. The trailer has a Maine license plate with the number 22-1246A attached to the back of it.

Officials released a photo of the white Dodge RAM 2500 towing the stolen trailer hoping somebody can identify the owner.

"The Sheriff's Office is asking for help identifying a white Dodge RAM 2500 (or larger) model with a flat bed, that has no visible front plate, and is pulling the stolen trailer," the Union County Sheriff's Office wrote on Facebook. "The pick up was seen on a Marysville traffic camera at the intersection of State Route 31 and Mill Road on August 27 at 7:10 p.m."

Bill Cunningham

Bill Cunningham

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