Olivia Jade Still Resents Lori Loughlin For College Cheating Scandal

Olivia Jade may have broken her social media silence to wish her mom, Lori Loughlin, a happy birthday a few weeks ago, but that doesn't mean everything is rainbows and sunshine for the pair. There's reportedly still strife between this mother-daughter duo following the college admissions scandal earlier this year. According to an Entertainment Tonight source, Olivia holds some "resentment" towards her mother over the fallout from the scandal.

"Therapy has helped to bring the family together during some really rough times. Olivia and her mother have been communicating and things have improved. Lori has apologized many times to her girls and has told them that she only wants the best for them," the source revealed. "Olivia has forgiven her but she still carries some resentment because she realizes that this scandal has marked her and will never entirely go away."

Olivia, as well as her sister Bella Giannulli, are trying to prioritize their parent's legal battle right now. "The girls are definitely scared for their mother and father. Until the court date has passed, they are just trying to get through the summer," the source continued.

While it's rumored Bella may return to USC in the fall, Olivia will not be joining her. "Olivia has no plans to return to USC. She never wanted to attend USC to begin with, and now she is sure that USC isn't the place for her," the source explained. "Right now her goal is to rebuild her brand and her business."

Olivia has turned to her fashion designer father, Mossimo Giannulli, for advice on building her brand after losing all her business partnerships in the scandal's aftermath. Olivia turned to her father "because he understands business" and he's reportedly "been encouraging Olivia to create a new brand, either makeup or beauty related."

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