Teacher Brittany Zamora Had Sex With Boy While Another Student Watched

New bombshells in the case of Brittany Zamora, the 27-year-old Goodyear, Arizona teacher that's accused of having a sexual relationship with a 13-year-old student in her class. According to newly released police interviews with the victim and his friend, Zamora and the victim had sex in her classroom while the friend was in the room, acting as a lookout. Zamora asked the victim's friend a second time to lookout for them, he refused, telling officers that he was uncomfortable with what was going on between the teacher and her victim. Previously Zamora had touched the victim in a sexual manner in class while the rest of the students watched a film. She pretended to look in a desk drawer during the film while stimulating the victim with her hand. The alleged relationship began over a homework app meant to help students connect with teachers if the children had questions about their assignments after school hours. The victim says the sexual relationship with Zamora progressed quickly. Students in Zamora brought their concerns about the relationship to the school's principal but were ignored.