Man Found In Compromising Position After Freak Accident With Pet Squirrel

Ray Frankfurt, 60, from Moultonborough, New Hampshire made a 911 call he will have to live down for the rest of his life... The call in question came after Frankfurt supposed fell onto his pet squirrel Slimy, leaving the animal lodged in Frankfurt's rectum. At first dispatchers thought the call was a childish prank but sent an ambulance to Frankfurt's residence anyway.  When first responders got to the scene they discovered Frankfurt lying on his bathroom floor, screaming in agony, with a bushy red tail protruding from his... well, you know. Frankfurt was transported to Huggings Hospital in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire where he was rushed into surgery for severe internal bleeding. The retired mailman is sable and recovering from his ordeal. The squirrel unfortunately did not make it.

RIP Slimy - your last moments must have been so disturbing.