VIDEO: SNL Did Something Fantastic For A Change In Honor Of Veterans

A week after Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson poked fun at a Texas congressional candidate who lost his eye in combat, the veteran came on the show this week to show there are no hard feelings.  Davidson made an off-color remark about now Republican-Congressman Dan Crenshaw, who wears an eye-patch because of his injury.  Many people sounded off on Davidson on social media, saying the joke was offensive to veterans and to Crenshaw, who served as a Navy SEAL.  Crenshaw appeared Saturday on the show's Weekend Update segment to make fun of pictures of Davidson, before noting that Americans can forgive one another and still see the good in each other.  Davidson apologized for the joke and Crenshaw encouraged people to tell a veteran to never forget the sacrifices made by veterans and by people who died on nine-eleven, including Davidson's father.  Davidson's father was a New York City firefighter who responded to the terror attacks.