Cosby Goes To Jail; Has Racked Up Massive Legal Fees

This morning Bill Cosby is no doubt trying to get used to his jail call bars after being sentenced to three to ten years in prison.  The District Attorney for Montgomery County, Pennsylvania says justice was finally served Tuesday in the sentencing of Cosby.  He's now doing time in state prison for drugging and sexually assaulting a woman named Andrea Constand in 2004.  District Attorney Kevin Steele says he's pleased that Cosby was treated like any other defendant despite his fame and wealth. 

Cosby apparently owes a ton of money in legal fees also.  TMZ says the disgraced comedian owes over $280,000 in unpaid legal bills for his sexual assault case.  The 81-year-old also has to pay a $25,000 fine and the costs of the prosecution team.  

Cosby's publicist says the Cosby trial was "racist" and accuses the women of making money off of accusing black men. Outside the Norristown, Pennsylvania courthouse after the sentencing, publicist Andrew Wyatt added "Jesus was also persecuted and we saw what happened to him."  Another Cosby team member promised an appeal, claiming Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele falsified evidence.