Oklahoma Man Arrested For Bestiality With Miniature Horse

A disturbing story out of Rogers County, Oklahoma where a man was arrested after witnesses saw him having intercourse with a miniature horse in a field.  The Rogers County Sheriff's Office have charged Tyler Schlosser with indecent exposure and bestiality/crimes against nature - a statue that dates back to 1910 in Oklahoma. Schlosser attempted to run from authorities; once apprehended Schlosser blamed the incident on medication he was taking - no word yet on the precise prescription. 

Schlosser's lawyer made the following statement to News 9 in Oklahoma: "They clearly believe these actions to be contrary to everything it Tyler's life. He has a good marriage with a baby on the way, an excellent work history, no criminal record, comes from a good family and has been an upstanding citizen."

Police performed a blood test in jail to established whether drugs were a factor in the incident. They're also doing a full mental health workup on Schlosser.