NJ Superintendent Accused Of Pooping On HS Track Resigns, Sues Police

The New Jersey superintendent accused of pooping on a high school track is resigning and suing police for $1 million.  Thomas Tramaglini was charged with public urination or defecation, discarding and dumping of litter and lewdness after staff found human feces on the Holmdel High School track on a daily basis.  The 42-year-old has resigned as superintendent of Kenilworth Public Schools and has taken the first steps in suing the Holmdel police department for at least $1 million.  Holmdel's attorney claims police "unlawfully photographed" Tramaglini by taking his mugshot and making it public.  The lawsuit also claims he suffered reasonable financial loss of income, harm to reputation, emotional distress, invasion of privacy, and intrusion on seclusion.