Cowboys Named World's Most Valuable Sports Team By Forbes

The Dallas Cowboys ranked as the world's most valuable sports team for the third consecutive year, Forbes announced on Wednesday. 

The Cowboys were listed as being worth $4.8 billion, which represents a 14 percent increase from last year. 

Rounding out the top five were soccer clubs Manchester United ($4.123 billion), Real Madrid ($4.088 billion) and FC Barcelona ($4.064 billion) as well as the New York Yankees ($4 billion) of Major League Baseball. 

Twenty-nine of the 50 teams on Forbes' list were NFL clubs, with the Cowboys, New England Patriots ($3.7 billion), New York Giants ($3.3 billion) and Washington Redskins ($3.1 billion) residing in the top 10. 

The San Francisco 49ers ($3.05 billion) ranked 13th, followed by the Los Angeles Rams ($3 billion, tied for 14th), Chicago Bears ($2.85 billion, tied for 17th), Houston Texans ($2.8 billion, tied for 19th), New York Jets ($2.75 billion, 21st), Philadelphia Eagles ($2.65 billion, 22nd), Denver Broncos ($2.6 billion, tied for 23rd) and Miami Dolphins (2.558 billion) to round out the top 25. 

The Cincinnati Bengals ($1.8 billion), Detroit Lions ($1.7 billion) and Buffalo Bills ($1.6 billion) were the three NFL teams that failed make the top 50. 

Here's the complete list...