Woman Pays Thief $30 To Steal Her Own Car From A Cincinnati Auto Shop

car theft - thief trying to break into the vehicle

Photo: Getty Images

A woman allegedly paid someone $30 to steal her car from an auto shop in Cincinnati, according to FOX 19.

28-year-old Terrella Lewis brought her car into Kitu's Auto Group to get some work done, but when the bill came to $3,500, she didn't have the money to pay for the repairs. In addition, the longer Lewis left her car at the shop, she risked accumulating additional storage fees. The owner of the auto shop, Kitu Veal, says he offered to help her out by moving the car to a secondary location where it could stay while she sorted everything out.

“I put it on the street right here for maybe ten minutes,” Veal said (via FOX 19). “Then I went into the side of my building. I’m walking into the building, I hear the alarm go off, like the chirp of the alarm. So I turn around and saw a guy running to get into her front seat... Everyone who comes to my business, I protect their car like it’s mine. It would hurt my heart to know that someone’s property got taken while it was in my possession.”

Surveillance footage shows Veal jogging to the entrance and standing directly in front of Lewis' car. When he told the person in the vehicle to get out, they stepped on the accelerator, hitting Veal and dragging him down Central Avenue.

“It was definitely an experience while on the ride,” said Veal. “Once he hit the brakes, that’s when the hard part kicked in. My back still hurts from it... The only reason I stood in front of this car was so he didn’t take your property and put you in a worse position, and you were the person who sent them down here the whole time.”

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