Ohio Man Catches Colossal 67-Pound Catfish

Photo: West Virginia Division of Natural Resources

An Ohio man recently caught a record-breaking blue catfish in West Virginia, according to FOX 8.

Steve Price of Lancaster, Ohio, caught a colossal blue catfish May 25 in west Virginia that broke the state record for both weight and length, according to the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources. The fish was 50.7 inches long and 67.22 pounds. The previous record, from seven weeks before, was 61.28 pounds.

Price was fishing from a boat on the lower section (R.C. Byrd Pool) of the Kanawha River between Buffalo and Point Pleasant. The catfish was measured by the WVDNR hatchery manager before it was released.

He was fishing with cut shad bait. If you're looking to catch your own behemoth, here's a tip from Instructables:

Cut shad or cut bait is a very popular and effective bait for catching blue catfish. Baiting a hook with cut shad may seem like a very simple and straight forward process but there actually is a way to do it wrong, especially when catfishing with circle hooks. If the cut shad is not baited on the hook correctly when using circle hooks it will double hook itself rendering the hook ineffective causing you to miss fish. This is a good basic practice to follow regardless of what kind of catfish hooks you are using. 

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