Have You Been To The Most Romantic City In Ohio?

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If you are in the process of planning your next date night, look no further than the most romantic place to be in the entire state. This city has an old-time cinema and is a beautiful place to take a stroll and appreciate the local charm.

According to a list put together by Livability, the most romantic city in all of Ohio is Athens. Athens is a college town that features some of the best scenery in the state, not to mention an abundance of whimsical-looking historical sites.

Here is what Livability had to say about the most romantic city in Ohio:

"Well, would you look at that … another college town! (What can I say? They know how to have a good time.) Athens is a place that might surprise you. For example, there’s tons of art here. Galleries, museums, art boutiques. Before you come to Athens leave some room in your suitcase lest you get carried away is all I’m saying. Then there’s the Hocking Valley Scenic Railway, where you and your partner can get an eyeful of incredible views from the comfort of a historic train car! After that, you can catch a flick at the historic Athena Cinema, which is over 100 years old! Dim the lights and roll the film; it’s about to get romantic in here."

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