Have You Been To Ohio's Best Hippie Town?

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Located just east of Dayton, this hippie oasis was named after a yellow-colored natural spring native to the area.

Any guesses?

According to a list put together by Thrillist, Ohio's best hippie town is Yellow Springs. Yellow Springs is truly an experience. Both locals and businesses follow a very laid back and free-spirited mantra. The friendly nature that is found down each street and in each establishment cannot be duplicated. It sits on the Glen Helen Nature Preserve that boasts a variety of trails leading directly into Yellow Springs. Visitors can hike at John Bryan State park located just outside of the town, as well as enjoy a variety of pubs, coffee shops, grocery stores, book stores and eclectic shops doused in pachouli.

Here is what Thrillist had to say about Yellow Springs:

"Though the theoretical "'springs'" in this town 20 miles east of Dayton might be yellow, the city is about 400 different colors. Walls, storefronts, benches, even some people who populate this city are painted a mishmash of bright colors, making it a kaleidoscope in otherwise drab Southwestern Ohio. The town was founded as a communal town of about 100 families, designed to be a self-sustaining utopia. Though that never really materialized it's still home to uber-liberal Antioch College and a street fair that's as much about hippies dancing barefoot as it is ubiquitous craft boots. And you'd be hard-pressed to go a city block here without smelling some kind of incense."

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