Bengals Fan Saved Raiders Fan's Life Outside Stadium Before Kickoff

First Aid Emergency CPR rcp on Heart Attack Man , Resuscitation cardio

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A Bengals fan was in the right place at the right time when a Raiders fan needed medical help.

On Saturday (January 15), Jerry Mills, a Bengals fan, was walking into Paul Brown Stadium for the Cincinnati Bengals vs. Las Vegas Raiders playoff game when he saw Ed Fernandes, a Raiders fan, on the ground, WLWT reported.

The deputies and people who were standing around Fernandes thought he was having a seizure.

"I look at him and, I'm like, 'that doesn't look like a seizure activity.' I look for a pulse, he didn't have a pulse, and I was like, 'I'm going to start CPR right now,'" Mills told WLWT.

Mills, who is a former firefighter, and a current emergency room nurse in Dallas, sprang into action to try and save Fernandes.

"Being a nurse for the past three years, I've always told everybody I work with, 'Look, we're not losing nobody on my shift,'" he noted.

While Mills was trying to save Fernandes, another nurse jumped in to help. "I'm sitting there telling him, 'I'm not losing you today.' And so, the other nurse was helping and two minutes later, he got a pulse."

Fernandes's pulse came back, but they lost it again. So, the other nurse began to do CPR on him.

"She took the guy's shirt, put it across his face and started to breathe into his mouth," Mills recalled.

The two nurses continued to perform life-saving measures on Fernandes until Cincinnati firefighters arrived on the scene to take over.

Fernandes was attending the game with his grandson, Noah.

Noah told WLWT that his grandfather was still in the hospital with blockages in his heart and is expected to have surgery Thursday (January 20).

"I believe God put me there for a reason so that man could have another day of living," Mills said.

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