Ohioans Grow Record-Breaking Squash, Exceeding A Whopping 2,000 Pounds

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Photo: Getty Images

Ohioans are credited with growing a record-breaking squash, weighing in at a whopping 2,164.5 pounds.

That happened at the National Pumpkin (and Squash) Weigh Off at Oakland Nurseries Dublin in Columbus, Ohio. Oakland shared a photo of the gargantuan squash on Instagram, where followers gushed over the “amazing” accomplishment in the comments:

“What a weekend. 🤩 We're still thinking about this WORLD RECORD SQUASH!!! This giant weighed in at 2164.5 pounds at the National Pumpkin (yes, and Squash) Weigh-off at Oakland Dublin this past Sunday. It was grown by the Skinner family of Barnesville, Ohio. Truly a sight to be seen!”

“This was amazing! We were there when it was weighted! What a great event!” one commenter exclaimed on Instagram. Another posted a laughing face emoji next to the pledge that they “gotta step it up next year,” as did another when pointing out, literally, “that’s a ton of squash!”

In fact, it’s more than a ton of squash. NPR noted on Monday morning (October 18) that the Skinner family — Donna and Todd — grew a squash to a weight comparable to a Volkswagen Beetle or the Liberty Bell.

Check out the photo of the massive squash from Oakland Nursery here:

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