This Is The 'Signature' Drink To Order In Ohio


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Every state has a signature food that visitors have to try while they’re in town (and that reminds every resident of home). Naturally, there has to be a signature drink to go along with it.

Whether you’re starting the day with a delicious cup of coffee or kicking off happy hour with a glass of wine, there’s something for you to try everywhere. That’s why Stacker pointed out the signature drink of every state — and some of them might surprise you. The data journalism hub states:

“Can you imagine a trip to California without a glass of Napa Valley red wine? Or breezing through Seattle without a piping-hot cup of coffee? …Some states even have drinks that are designated as their official state beverages. In fact, the most popular state beverage across the country is, believe it or not, milk — 19 states claim milk as their official state beverage.”

Stacker used official state websites, historic reports and other resources to determine which drink stood out the most in each state. So, what’s the signature drink in Ohio?

The Bloody Mary.

Here’s what Stacker says about the brunch beverage:

The official state juice of Ohio is tomato juice, so it makes sense that the bloody mary would be a signature drink of the state. Every bartender makes their own version of this iconic brunch cocktail, but the base is always a blend of tomato juice, vodka, and a blend of spices.”

See the rest of the signature drinks across the U.S. here.

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