This Is The Most Searched '90s Movie In Ohio

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Autumn is around the corner, and cooler weather could create the perfect opportunity get cozy and watch a good movie.

Streaming services always offer something new. But that doesn’t mean we’re forgetting classic throwbacks. That’s why Frontier Bundles tracked down the No. 1 ‘90s movie in each state. The Frontier Bundles team “looked at the past year’s search volume (5/18/20 – 5/18/21) for the 20 highest grossing films from the 1990s,” and figured out which ‘90s movies were searched the most in each state. Thirteen of the 20 movies made the list, Frontier Bundles noted.

So, which ‘90s movie is the most-searched one in Ohio?

The Lion King.

The 1994 Disney film was one with the most search volume in the highest number of states, according to Frontier Bundles. Ohio is in good company with Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee and a dozen others. Other ‘90s movies on the list include Mrs. Doubtfire, Forrest Gump, Men In Black, Beauty and the Beast and more.

According to Frontier Bundles:

The Lion King took the top prize as the most-searched 90s movie from last year. During its original release, The Lion King earned $422.78M. If we adjusted that number for inflation, the original movie would’ve earned an estimated $727M.”

See the rest of the most-searched ‘90s movies here.

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