WATCH: Ohio Firefighter Busts Wall With Sledgehammer To Save Lost Dog

Photo: Cincinnati Fire Department

Video captured the heroic moment an Ohio firefighter busted down a wall to save a lost dog.

The Cincinnati Fire Department shared the video on Sunday (July 18). “Missing” posters had been up for five days in hopes of bringing the dog, Gertie, back home.

Finally, a homeowner heard a dog’s cries from behind the garage wall and called the Cincinnati Fire Department to help, the agency’s Facebook post reads.

The firefighter’s efforts led to a “happy reunion and a job well done,” the Cincinnati Fire Department wrote of its Truck 20 team.

Video shows the firefighter gently coaxing Gertie out from between the walls after busting a hole open with a sledgehammer.

The Cincinnati Fire Department writes:

"There have been missing posters up in Northside for five days in hopes of someone finding Gertie. Today a homeowner heard a dog crying behind the garage wall and called us to check it out. This run ended in a happy reunion and a job well done by Truck 20!"

Since sharing the video, hundreds of citizens have commented on the post to commend the Cincinnati Fire Department’s efforts.

Local 12 reports that officials believe Gertie fell down a crevice and was stuck between the two walls all five days she was missing. Firefighter Jenny Adkins is credited with saving the dog and returning her home.

Watch the video of Gertie’s rescue here:

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