This Week's Weird News 7/16/21

A glass octopus, a peculiar video possibly showing Bigfoot, and a driver who crashed her car in a bizarre test of faith were among the strange and unusual stories to cross our desk this week.

This past week saw the emergence of a particularly intriguing piece of footage purportedly showing Bigfoot crossing a river in Michigan. Said to have been filmed by a kayaker visiting the state's Cass River, the video features what appears to be a bipedal creature of some kind slowly making its way across the water while seemingly holding something in its arms. Some have speculated that it is a Sasquatch carrying a juvenile version of the creature or perhaps a deer, while more skeptical observers argue that the 'Bigfoot' is either a person hunting along the river or a hoax pulled off by some dedicated pranksters.

The wonders of nature were on full display this past week in a pair of stories involving some truly remarkable creatures. First, in Bangladesh, a dwarf cow became something of a sensation after photos of the tiny creature went viral on social media in the country. Thousands of people descended upon the diminutive animal's farm in the hopes of having their picture taken with the 20-inch-tall cow which is believed to be the world's smallest bovine. Meanwhile, in a remote part of the Pacific Ocean, scientists aboard a research vessel managed to catch a rare glimpse of a breathtaking glass octopus that sports a nearly transparent body.

Easily the most bizarre story of the week came by way of Ohio where a driver was arrested following a car crash that occurred after she "let God take the wheel." The unnamed motorist explained to police that, in response to a series of difficulties that had befallen her in recent weeks, she embarked on an ill-advised test of faith by accelerating her car to an unsettling 100 mph and literally letting divine intervention decide what happened next. The vehicle subsequently wound up running through a red light, clipping a car, and careening out of control into a house. Fortunately, no one was hurt during the misadventure, which is rather miraculous considering the dangerous nature of her driving.

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