Active Shooting With Multiple Victims Reported In Texas Office Complex

Authorities in Bryan, Texas, are responding to a report of an active shooter at an industrial complex on Thursday (April 8). According to KBTXmultiple people were shot, and four of the victims were in critical condition. At least one person was pronounced dead at the scene.

"Four people were transported to St. Joe Hospital in critical condition with gunshot injuries," Sheriff Donald Sowell said. "One other person was transported with no injuries -- apparently it was an asthma attack -- and one person was deceased at the scene."

The suspect is believed to be an employee of Kent Moore Cabinets and was taken into custody following a brief manhunt. Authorities said that a Texas Department of Public Safety trooper was shot while trying to detain the alleged gunman. They did not provide any information about the identity or condition of the trooper.

Officials have not released any information about a motive for the shooting.

An intermediate school in the area was locked down, and students were not allowed to leave. The lockdown was lifted before the scheduled dismissal time, but students had to be picked up by their parents.

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Photo: Getty Images