Aggressive Turkeys Terrorizing New Jersey Neighborhood

A flock of wild turkeys is terrorizing a New Jersey community for people over the age of 55. Dozens of turkeys have descended on Holiday City in Toms River and have left residents living in fear as the aggressive turkeys destroy their property and attack them if they get too close.

"We have them on the roof, they're pecking at our roofs," resident Donna Scala told WABC-TV. "Our brand new vehicles? They're pecking at our vehicles. All I'm looking for is that they be moved. Put them in a big property, hundreds of acres of property. "

While residents are demanding action to eliminate the turkeys, local officials say there is nothing they can do because of state regulations.

"It's nuisance wildlife we are not licensed to trap, relocate, or as they use the word, harass the turkeys or any wildlife, for that matter, that's a nuisance," said Richard Barbosa, with Toms River Animal Control.

For now, residents are being advised to steer clear of the turkeys until authorities can come up with a plan to deal with the wild birds.