California Man Arrested After Spraying Bear Mace At Anti-Trump Protesters

Violence broke out between supporters of President Donald Trump and a small group of anti-Trump protesters on the Santa Monica Pier over the weekend. 

The two groups yelled back and forth at each other for nearly ten minutes before the situation descended into chaos. As the protesters began to fight, a man wearing a red "Make America Great Again" hat started circling the crowd and sprayed people with a large canister of bear mace.

As the crowd dispersed and people ran for cover, the man rushed back toward the protesters and sprayed them a second time. When police arrived, the suspect was taken into custody. Authorities said he is 33 years old, has an extensive criminal history and is currently on parole for a previous weapons violation. They did not release his name or say what charges he might be facing.

Officials say they are also looking for a second man who was seen spraying the crowd in videos recorded by bystanders.

None of the protesters were seriously injured in the attack, though some did require on-site medical attention to treat the effects of the bear repellant.