There's a 'Sexy' Mister Rogers Costume And Now We're Questioning Everything

Sexy Mister Rogers outfit turns heads online

Sexy Mister Rogers outfit turns heads online

It's September 2019. Halloween is just around the corner and you're having trouble trying to think of an idea for a costume that will blow the socks off your friends. Sure, you could go as a "sexy" cat again for the seventh year in a row, but won't people be expecting that by now?

So why not turn heads and prompt expressions of "WTF" by dressing up as a "sexy" version of one of the world's most admired men who has become a symbol of decency, kindness and wholesomeness whose message has inspired thousands of people?

Yandy, a company best known for making women's lingerie, swimwear, dresses and costumes has unveiled a version of the classic Mister Rogers outfit that leaves very little to imagine for the Kingdom of Make Believe.

For just $60 dollars, you can be the proud(?) owner of Yandy's "Nicest Neighbor Costume," which includes a red, long sleeve crop top that features a deep v-neckline, a white detachable collar with black tie, and matching high-waist gray shorts. If you're feeling extra spendy and want that extra bit of authenticity, you can purchase two hand puppets that represent King Friday and Daniel Tiger for just $12.95.

This isn't the first 'sexy' costume that Yandy has courted controversy with. Last year, the company released a "sexy" version of the outfit worn by oppressed women in the Hulu adaptation of Margeret Atwood's "The Handmaid's Tale." The strong negative reaction to the outfit prompted the company to quickly remove the costume from its website.

Still, with Tom Hanks appearing as Mister Rogers in an upcoming movie, there won't be a better time to show off your neighborhood to the neighborhood.

Of course, if you're feeling uncomfortable by dressing up as a sexy Mister Rogers, then there's always the 'sexy' Bob Ross costume, also offered by Yandy.