So what can I buy on this state tax holiday weekend?

Ohio's Sales Tax holiday is Friday through Sunday at retail every store that sells items like clothing, school supplies, instructional materials and books. Here's the gist:

You'll pay no sales tax between 12:00 am Friday August 2nd through Sunday August 4th at midnight on clothing items $75 or less, that means normal clothes like shirts and pants and even covers such diverse items as insoles, athletic supporters, beach capes, diapers, hose, suspenders and lab coats.

The tax benefit doesn't cover sewing supplies or sports equipment.

In fact, there is a page on the Ohio Tax website with FAQ's and lists of items both covered and not. Check it out here.

As for school supplies, stock up on calculators, folders, paper even book bags and highlighters.

The new permanent tax free shopping doesn't apply to items for trades or businesses, but there's nothing you need to prove to get the discount. it just has to be a covered item on the list. Shoppers from outside Ohio are welcome, too.