Ohio Police Uses Pizza To Lure Little Piggy All the Way Home

Ohio Police Officer lures runaway pig home using pizza

Police chases are a normal part of being on the job, but very few officers have to chase after a little piggy who ran away from home,

"Every day is an adventure here at Xenia PD," the Xenia Police department wrote on Facebook Saturday.

According to the department, one of their officers had to use a little leftover junk food to get a runaway pig named Wilbur back home after the animal became separated from its family.

"Turns out that leftover pizza makes a good swine lure to get said runaway swine to come to the back of the police car," the department wrote in a post on Facebook. "But it took a little muscle to get the runaway into the back of the car."


The department added that it's been a few years since they've had to deal with "runaway swine" but Officer Dan Smith was up to the task. A nearby citizen who was watching the action donated the leftover pizza and Smith used it to coax the animal toward his police vehicle.

"We would like to thank the citizen who donated the swine lure. We would also like to say a special thank you to Bethanie Ann and her family for sending us this video. It’s pure gold and will more than likely show up years from now at Ofc. Smith’s retirement party."

This isn't the first time police officers have been tasked with capturing a pig that's managed to get loose. Last October, two San Bernardino County Sheriff officers had to use their Doritos to lure a different runaway pig (this one was reportedly the size of a mini-horse) back to its home.

Wilbur was taken into custody without being injured and reunited with his family.

Photo: Xenia Police Department.


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