Annoyed Bride-To-Be Tired Of Answering Questions Posts Rant, Gets Dragged

It seems like a new trend for entitled brides-to-be to complain about their upcoming weddings on Facebook or expect unreasonable things from their guests. First there was the bridezilla who was shocked that the people she invited to her nuptials didn't want to pay $3000 each for her destination wedding. Then there was the lady whose absurd list of rules for her guests went viral. Now comes a story of a bride who is just sick and tired of answering polite questions about her big day. 

The bride posted a long rant on Facebook, whining about her dilemma, and a friend of hers put up a screenshot of it to The bride-to-be's post reads, "The amount of questions I have been asked about our wedding is getting ridiculous and by people who won't be invited." She then goes on to answer some commonly asked questions, hoping it will put an end to this nightmare of people taking an interest in her exciting milestone. 

Along with letting everyone know she will be wearing her glasses to her wedding and that she doesn't have to explain why, she then adds:

"Yes I am changing my name, Yes I have picked my bridesmaids (they know who they are), Yes [the groom] did pick the ring all by himself and yes it was a complete surprise. No we aren't getting married in Scotland, children will be invited but only selected ones, only Scottish people can wear kilts and yes there will be dancing." 

As if that weren't pleasant enough, the woman next states, "If you have asked one of these questions and aren't a member of our family or a close friend you can go take a hike."

Finally, to put the cherry on top, she ends her post, "Also, [the groom] and I are the last people who need advice on how to plan and deliver an event so kindly take your 'helpful advice' and stick it up your a**."

The commenters had a lot to say about the rant:

No word on if the post put an end to the questions, but in all likelihood, it probably only led to more. 

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