Homeless Coalition Asks For Homeless Bill Of Rights

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(Cincinnati) - The Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition released a list of actions they’d like the city to take regarding the tent city on Third Street.

They’re asking for Cincinnati to establish a Homeless Bill of Rights and for City Council to take a look at both long-term and immediate needs of those in the encampment.

Of the action items, the coalition is asking the city to stop warning people to vacate what they call public land.

Other items include:

  • Installing, maintaining and cleaning toilets and showers in the area of the encampment
  • Installing trash and recycling receptacles and then making sure they’re emptied on a regular basis
  • Making sure that anyone who is homeless has access to relocating into permanent housing
  • A city-funded homeless shelter that is available year-round
  • An increase in city funds for the Human Services budget to provide access to IDs, transportation assistance,  mental health and addiction services and employment opportunities
  • Cincinnati re-starting the Affordable Housing Working Group

The city has not responded to the requests yet.

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