Stay cool at Great American Ball Park this weekend

(Cincinnati) -  It’s going to be hot this weekend at Great American Ball Park and the Cincinnati Reds have some tips for fans who want to catch a game.

Baseball fans can expect to be outside in temperatures that will feel hotter than 100 degrees, so the Reds are switching some things up to keep everyone safe.

Attendees are able to bring plastic bottles of both water and sports drinks to the games this weekend.  Reds staff members will also be able to point fans to cool rooms that are equipped with TVs and air conditioning units, so they can watch the game if they get overheated.

Cool water and vapor stations will also be setup near the PNC Power stacks.  The Reds are stressing that fans need to stay hydrated with water.

Free sunscreen will also be available at the games, near sections 110, 125 and 411.