Plush Family: 'We're encouraged and thankful' by City's Response

( Cincinnati ) - Following comments by FOP President Dan Hils lamenting the role of the Plush family in the continuing investigation into the death of 16-year-old Kyle Plush, the family put out a new statement: 

In a Facebook post on Monday, Hils said that the Plush family has "unwisely been given or allowed so much responsibility" in being a part of the investigation into their son's death. 

Speaking with 700WLW's Bill Cunningham on Wednesday, Hils clarified that he thinks there's an element of "using Mr Plush to help micro-manage this thing from the people in council. These politicians, every time they get in front of the cameras and their voices start cracking and they want to appear as though they care, care so much. But I don't think they really care whether things get screwed up as much as they want to appear as though they are caring and they're bringing the Plushes along with them."

City leaders recently shifted the Emergency Communications Center from police to civilian control, appointing Jayson Dunn is taking over on a temporary basis. He was Cincinnati's Chief Technology Officer and he used to run the Hamilton County Emergency Communications Center.

You can hear the entirety of the Dan Hils interview with Bill Cunningham by clicking here.