Person shot after bank robbery, police chase

(Woodlawn, OH)  - One person is hurt after a bank robbery in Woodlawn lead to a police chase that ended in a shooting.

Police say a suspected bank robber entered US Bank on Springfield Pike in Woodlawn between 3:30 p.m. and 4 p.m. Wednesday.  The suspect was believed to have a firearm and left the bank with what police say was a large amount of money.

The man then got into a vehicle and started driving away, resulting in a police chase.  Police say he eventually crashed in Forest Park near the Cruise in bar.  At this point, the suspect ran into the bar.

Forest Hill Police Chief William Arns says officers heard shots in the bar before they entered. When they went in they saw a bar patron had been shot in the head.

Arns says he believes the robber meant to shoot at police.  Neither the suspect nor the officers were hurt.  The bar patron was up and talking to police before he was taken to UC Medical Center.

There was a woman in the vehicle the suspect crashed into, but police say she refused medical treatment and Forrest Park officers drove her home.