New Vision for Concert Venue at the Banks

The company which hopes to partner with the Cincinnati Symphony on a new concert venue at The Banks is showing off their vision for the riverfront. MEMI Cincinnati tweeting a mock-up of the Riverview Music Center to be built southeast of Paul Brown Stadium.

MEMI proposes an indoor arena which could hold up to 4000 people and construction of a new park adjacent to the site where it could hold concerts for up to 8000. The Riverview proposal won the support of the Joint Banks Steering Committee but still must get approval from Hamilton County Commissioners and Cincinnati City Council.

The MEMI/Symphony bid has been criticized by some who would prefer the new arena be a combination indoor and outdoor facility like the one built by Promo-West in Columbus. There are also questions being raised over whether MEMI could bring in the type of acts that would attract young people to the Banks.

No votes have been scheduled yet by Hamilton County or the City of Cincinnati.

Outdoor lawn Riverview
Inside of proposed Riverview arena


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