Questions About Death of Kyle Plush Still Unanswered

The long awaited report on the death of Kyle Plush is out at Cincinnati City Hall.  HOWEVER, it is short on answers to the key questions about why police and dispatchers failed to get the teenager the life saving help he so desperately needed.

The Plush family was at Cincinnati City Hall for the release of the report but Ron Plush calls it "incomplete." The father of Kyle was disappointed that many of his key questions were not addressed by Cincinnati Police Chief Eliot Isaac. He could not answer why a police dispatcher did not make it clear to police that this was a life or death situation. He also could not explain why officers did not feel the need to search every van in the parking lot or why they didn't even exit their vehicles. The chief did say that no department policies were violated and he is not recommending that the officers or call center workers face any discipline. 

Councilman Chris Smitherman who chairs the Law and Public Safety Committee says it is very clear to him that if dispatchers and officers had dug a little deeper into the situation the outcome in this case would have been different.  Smitherman says his committee will continue to search for the answers that the Plush family wants and has called another meeting for later this month.

The Plush family says they are not looking for money or heads to roll. Ron Plush says he just wants to know that the next time someone whose life is danger calls 911 in Cincinnati, they will get the help they need. The help that was not provided to his sixteen year old son.

Kyle Plush

Kyle Plush