Gun Shot Fired During West End Pursuit, Not Directed Toward Police

( Cincinnati, OH) - Two teens remain in custody after gun fire rang out in the West End Friday.

District One Police say a chase began after officers found a stolen car on John Street. During the pursuit, one of teens in the car fired a shot. No officers were hit. 

The pursuit ended near the YMCA on Linn St. and all four teens in the car were arrested. 

Police say a 15 year old male is facing multiple felony charges including receiving stolen property and discharging of a firearm. Another 15 year-old is facing a felony count of receiving stolen property as well as misdemeanor charges.

Two additional juveniles, a 15 year old female and a 15 year old male were not charged and have been released to their parents.

The investigation determined that the single shot was fired from within the vehicle during the pursuit, but it was not directed at the officers.