Covington Police Officer for Holmes High, Middle Schools

Holmes Middle School

Holmes Middle School

( Covington, Kentucky ) - There will be a police officer permanently assigned to both Holmes High School and Holmes Middle School.

That was the announcement Tuesday evening by the City of Covington. A statement says commissioners voted 5-0 to approve an agreement with the Covington Independent Public School district. That statement says there will be an officer on campus for the remaining school year, and then again in the fall of 2018. 

Kenton County had previously assigned deputies to the schools. This new agreement replaces that.

The statement from the city says Covington schools will pay the city $80,000 a year plus the cost of any specialized training. The statement says, according to Police Chief Nader, the officer won't be enforcing school discipline, he/she will "be acting as a law enforcement officer with the campus and surrounding area as his 'beat.'"